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Need to move your home or building?

Based in Auckland, we lift, reposition and transport structures throughout New Zealand

House lifting, reposition & transport services

Whether you're looking to transform your property's layout, create space beneath your house, or relocate your beloved home, we've got you covered. Learn more below.

House & building lifting

Need to make repairs or build underneath your existing home? We lift homes, offices, sleepouts and more. This service is commonly used when you want to construct a basement, install flood protection or conduct extensive maintenance on your foundation.

Reposition your home or building

Looking to transform the layout of your property? No problem, Progressive can rearrange homes and buildings on-site, working with you to achieve your desired layout.

House & building transportation

Whether you're keeping your land and injecting capital into redevelopment, upsizing or downsizing, the process is tailored to your requirements. Expect prompt communication and a quality service throughout the process.

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