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House & Building Transport Services

We're Waikato-based and service Auckland, Hauraki Plains, Coromandel and the greater Waikato. We specialise in both homes and general structures.

From buying and selling reloctable homes to removals, transport & demolition we've got you covered.

Our Services:

Buying & Selling Reloctable Homes

We match buyers with the perfect home and purchase pre-loved homes.

We offer a full service, meaning the transport, removal or establishment of land is also taken care of if required.

House Lifting, On-site Repositioning and Transport

We lift, reposition and transport homes, buildings and structures of any size.

House lifting is commonly done when constructing a lower level such as a basement or garage, or installing flood protection.

Additional Services

In addition to our work with homes, we offer an array of earthworks, structural and foundation work on properties.

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Jack & Slide/Roll Services

Ideal where there is limited height clearance or room to move, lift and reposition heavy loads with ease.

Structural Moving

We can lift 'n' shift structures, machinery, roof sections, infrastructure and much more - just ask!

Pile Driving

We specialise in pile driving across the Hauraki Plains

Piling & Re-piling Services

We provide installation/replacement of timber pole foundations for both new and existing homes.

Relocation of customer-owned buildings

Relocations across the North Island

Relevelling Services

Raise and re-block homes and buildings to level with Progressive Foundations & House Movers.

Concrete Floors

Construction of conventional and ribraft floor slabs for both new and existing buildings

Site Preparation

Earthworks and site preparation, initial site cleaning and site cut/backfill/compaction

Retaining Walls

Construction of timber pole and keystone retaining walls for homes and general buildings.

Basement Development

Support only or construction of concrete basements/supporting/excavation and block work construction

All-in-One House Packages

Buy a home and have it transported and established on your land in one transaction!

View our relocation packages here, or get in touch with our team below to learn more.


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